NTK-Tips from James

design tips from a real pro.


Everybody knows that not all screen printers are the same.  LEBOWSKI’S “guaranteed due date,” personal attention, valuable tips, and design expertise make brilliant shirts and apparel that always set us apart from the competition.
LEBOWSKI’s graphic designer, will create the art for you or work with your own.  We make designing a great-looking tee amazingly simple.  We’ll make sure your sizing, font, images and overall design will all print perfectly.  We’ll enhance any art you upload or even recreate it; and fix any spelling errors and help you with ink colors and product selection.  LEBOWSKI is totally familiar with the screen printing process—it’s what we’ve always done better than anyone else!
But, for all of you DIY-ers, read on:


tip #1—creating your own design.

Creating your design in Illustrator is the BEST option, but we also work with designs that have been sketched on “paper napkins!”  We accept artwork online in any number of formats:  tiff, eps, jpeg, png, illustrator, photoshop, freehand, and more.  Click on ORDERING for more details about submitting artwork.

tip #2—more guidelines for sending files.

WORD is not a design program and M.S. Paint is pretty iffy.  If these are your only options, please let us know.

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